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Breast Augmentation in Minneapolis

Are you looking for an overnight change to get the boob job you dream of? We can help with:

  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Breast lift
  • Fat transfer breast augmentation
  • Gummy bear implants
  • Male breast reduction


Welcome To Breast Augmentation Minneapolis

What has been the cosmetic surgery that has been the most common in the United States? You got it, breast augmentation. We have been performing boob job surgeries for many years. At Breast Augmentation Minneapolis we have nothing but great success.

We have the “breast augmentation near me” you have been searching for. We also have breast reconstruction surgery and procedures for a breast reduction.


About Breast Augmentation Minneapolis

minneapolis breast augmentation

We will leave you with a quick and easy recovery after a Minneapolis breast augmentation. There are a few key factors that our breast augmentation surgeons are experts in. Some of these factors include:

  • We handle the breast tissue with care
  • We keep the bleeding under good control
  • We make sure not to injure the ribs or surrounding muscle
  • We keep the effects of anesthesia down

With these incredible skills you are sure to have less bruising. You are sure to be back functioning at a quicker rate than your usual breast enlargement surgery. It is our goal to create a surgery that is most comfortable and easy for you to recover from.

The “plastic surgeon near me” that you found through Breast Augmentation Minneapolis MN is the best. They make a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Not only during surgery but also during your consultations, you will feel comfortable.

During your consultation the breast implant Minneapolis cost may surprise you. We do our best at offering the “breast enlargement near me” that you have been looking for at a good price. The breast reduction surgery cost is wonderful as well and insurance may help to cover part of the cost.

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Why Choose Us?

We offer free consultations for a Minneapolis breast augmentation. We expect many questions about breast implants Minneapolis. We are ready to answer them all. We have been answering these questions for many years.

You might be a wonderful candidate for a breast lift or a boob lift combined with breast enlargement. This is one of the choices we will take a look at during your consultation.

Have you seen the effects of aging, weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding? For these reasons we see many women coming to get breast implants Minneapolis. If this may be you, then you are a great patient.

Another great patient is one that has different sizes of breasts. This is very common and women love to get breast implants Minneapolis MN to fix this problem. They immediately feel more comfortable both with and without clothing on.

You are a great candidate for the best breast augmentation Minneapolis if you:

  • Are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have expectations that are realistic to your body type
  • Your breasts have developed completely
  • You want this operation for yourself
  • You are over 18 (for saline implants) and over 22( for silicone implants)
mminneapolis breast implants
minneapolis breast lift


What To Expect?

Are you confused by all the options available to you for choosing breast implants? Do not worry. We are experts.

We measure and analyze your current body anatomy. We have years of experience. With these qualities, together we can make the best choice for a boob job that will best fit your goals and anatomy.

There are different heights of the chest that we may place the breast implants. This is the profile. You get to choose if we place them moderate, moderate plus, or high profile.

You also choose which type of implant you would like. We have many options for types of implants. We also have different sizing options and fullage options.

Do you like more or less cleavage? This is important to know.

We let you try different sizes and feel every option available to you. We want you to see and feel as close to possible what they will actually feel and look like.

We have a special type of software. It takes your current breast and gives you a picture of how the end result will look like based on the options you pick. If you do not like it, we can choose different options until you get exactly what you love.


Our Services

We do not only offer surgery to get bigger boobs here. We have the option for a breast lift, which many times we do alongside a breast enlargement.

Breast reduction surgery will cut the effects your breasts may be having on your health. This may be both physical and emotional. We offer this surgery to both male patients who have gynecomastia and female patients with large breasts.

For those of you who have experienced breast cancer we offer breast reconstruction Minneapolis.

Breast Lift Minneapolis

If your nipple or breast are sagging below your breast crease line, you will be great for a breast lift. We will measure and take a look at your breasts to see if you need a breast lift. We make incisions around the areola and are careful as we remove excess skin and tissue from the breast. We reshape and stitch the breast to create a perky breast again.

Breast Implants

There are two main types of breast implants, which are saline and silicone implants. Silicone implants are the most common type of breast implant as we fill them with a silicone gel. This gel is FDA approved. The saline implant is also FDA approved and we fill it with a saline solution that is not at all harmful to the body. We fill either type of implant to your desired size that you would like for your breast augmentation. We will place it either over or under the pectoral muscles based on what you have decided before surgery. You can choose if you would like to have breast implants that are a rounded shape or a natural teardrop shape.

Breast Reduction Minneapolis

Breast reduction surgery Minneapolis will relieve discomfort and pain you are currently experiencing. You will find nothing but incredible benefits as you undergo a breast reduction. We will take the fat that you do not want and remove it, along with any skin that is not necessary. We will give your breast a new look as we bring the skin all back together.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

This option is one that most people call the “natural breast augmentation”. We take fat from other areas of your body and transfer it to the breasts. This is a good option if you are wanting the most natural option for breast implants. It may not be the best option if you are wanting lasting results. The reason for this is because a percentage of the fat that we transfer will likely die during the transfer. After the transfer of the implant the chances of breast tissue to absorb and fluctuate may be high.

Gummy Bear Implants

These implants are much like the silicone implants. We fill these with a silicone gel but it is much more cohesive which makes the texture more like a gummy bear. This option is wonderful. Even if the shell of the implant were to rupture or tear, the gummy bear implants stay directly in place. It will not cause a liquid to be leaking into your body. The gummy bear implant is unique because it offers only the teardrop shape for your implants.

Breast Reconstruction

We do a breast reconstruction after you have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy. We will need to do several procedures to get the breast implants all in place. You will get to choose between an implant or a tissue implant. We will have to place an expander to create space for the implant to then place.

Male Breast Reduction

During the ages of puberty 40% of young men have excess hormones that create the “man boobs”. Most of these outgrow it and have a natural muscular and masculine chest. For those who don’t this may be cause for low confidence and some embarrassment. We will remove the extra tissue you have by incisions made around the areola that are hardly seen at all. These scars will fade overtime as well making it very not noticeable.

Other Services

  • Breast asymmetry
  • Tuberous breast correction
  • Inverted nipple correction
  • Help you choose correct implant size
  • Many more other services

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my breast implant become hard over time?

If everything has healed fine with your breast implants they should never get hard. If they do get hard that is a sign that something is happening. This is due to the scar tissue that will develop. Everyone who gets breast implants will get scar tissue. When you develop too much scar tissue it can be problematic. This is rare and you may need a breast revision.

How much are boob jobs?

The cost of your boob job will differ due to the type of job that you get done and the options that come along with it. Many women look for “cheap breast implants near me”. There are financing options available if you do not have the cash upfront. Insurance does not cover cosmetic surgeries. It may help to cover a breast reduction as it may be a medical necessity.

How long is recovering from breast augmentation?

Recovery will last up to six weeks. That is when we say it is okay to get back to lifting heavy and doing strenuous activities. Although you may get back to work and other day to day activities within a few days of surgery.

Do you do implants by cup size?

No. Cup sizes can vary based on the brand. There are also many sizes within a cup size. This is why we go by cc’s. The most common size of breast implants women get are anywhere between 350-450cc. We will take measurements and we will help you decide on a size that will best suit you.

Customer Testimonials

What Our Clients Say


My boob job cost was not shocking. It was what I was expecting and worth everything the breast implants cost.

Julia R.


The medical staff have been so kind. They were very thoughtful throughout my consultations and surgery. They made sure I was comfortable at all times.

Makenzie T.


The service for my male breast reduction was nothing short of quality. It was what I was needing and I only wish I would have done it years earlier.

Tyler S.

Service Area

About Minneapolis Minnesota

Minneapolis is a very large city with it being home to about 429,000 people. It is near both the Minnesota river and the Mississippi river. Minneapolis has both winters that are cold and snowy and summers that are humid and hot.

We have water everywhere here in Minneapolis. We have the rivers, many surrounding lakes, many creeks and waterfalls as well. Biking is very popular here and a chosen hobby because of how gorgeous it is here.

We are a big place for timber and the flour mill as well as having many major company headquarters here. We love music and have many performing arts here.

Cities that are close to Minneapolis are:

  • Eden Prairie, MN
  • Minnetonka, MN
  • Chanhassen, MN
  • Hopkins, MN
  • Hamel, MN
  • Wayzata, MN
  • Osseo, MN
  • Long Lake, MN
  • Spring Park, MN
  • And many other surrounding areas!

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We will help you to know if now is the right time for you to get a boob job and to decide if you make a good candidate. There are many options for breast procedures based on your needs. Make sure to call Breast Augmentation Minneapolis today to get a consultation scheduled.

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